Michael Speers - Ground Drum



CD / Print / Digital

1. ˈcarēən pit
2. boPET osc
3. Protolith
4. Halite Bachi
5. Groundwater
6. Aiteann

Impossible drum and environments.

Realised in Ireland, England and Japan 2018 - 2020
Tracks 1, 2, 5 & 6 make use of Tom Mudd’s Gutter Synth
Artwork by Arnau Sala Saez
Skeleton drawings by Luciano Maggiore
Mastered by Niklas Adam




What in the possible environment of this impossible drum would be the language of a community (fleshy, photosynthetic or air) which is gathered by, sounded through, the gut of these musical ideas?

This text inscribes a first part flux or fluctuations of this old future ground. A real, synthetic, notional language for an imagined community of organic life grown out from the site of these sounds:

these breathing pit, an
actual breþynge fragrance
imparting, sinks from.
n’protoluib blad
relieving mīcaply lif, ficxio.
our grind, membracaer.
becauz it ismattering. attends-ÿous, limbs of
the trassing plaa, placed.
apart we’k ymagin them heaving toned.
μεταβολή whip, a fungal hold.
something else gaswaljo
lip edge wi hekstis gorse
fu’molēroot apersuasõx.
carbon, or u sunk compression is opening
ha s a’ready soil, will happen, again.
we knead wheeze of actorz calm
charging drifts
ripple, wider
is organised or
how generous bodies have been
into life

—Paul Abbott

Ground Drum: a predrum membranophone, constructed with an animal skin (membrane) stretched over a pit in the ground (resonator)